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You can request an appraisal in a variety of manners.  Either contact us by telephone at 402-493-8897 or by one of the other options provided by this web site.  Please fill out the contact information at the bottom of this site or download the appraisal request form and return by mail along with the down payment and Farm Service Agency (FSA)  release form.

Download the Appraisal Request Form
Appraisal Form

Download the Release Form
FSA Release Form
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We need specific data to make sure that we are completing an appraisal in line with your needs and wishes. This includes the legal description, the use of the appraisal and the users of the appraisal. We need the following items and/or information:

DOWN PAYMENT: We usually require a down payment of from one-third to one-half of the anticipated fee.

LEGAL: Please fill in the legal information on the form or provide a document that shows the legal description of the property. The legal description can be found on deeds or tax statements.

PURPOSE: The purpose of an appraisal is usually to estimate the market value of a specific property.

However, the purpose of an appraisal could be to estimate damages to a property due to a certain event or circumstances. The value of a property can be impacted by damages due to fire or wind. Easements can place encumbrances on a property that may impact its value. A government project can result in the loss of land and possible damages to the remainder of a property.

An appraisal could be used to estimate the taxable value of a property. This type of appraisal could be used to protest the assessed value placed on a property by an assessor.

USE OR FUNCTION: An appraised can be used for many purposes.

An appraisal can be used as a basis to settle an estate.

An appraisal could be used as a basis for sale or purchase of a property.

An appraisal could be used as a basis for protesting the assessed value of a property.

An appraisal could be used as a basis for estimating damages to a property.

EFFECTIVE DATE OF APPRAISAL: The effective date of an appraisal establishes the context for the value opinion. Depending on the use of an, appraisal, the effective date can be current, retrospective or prospective.

Most appraisals require a current effective date or the Date of Inspection.

Appraisals that are used to settle an estate usually have as an effective date as of the
Date of the Death

Retrospective appraisals may be required for condemnations, law suits, tax protests, estate planning and others reasons.

NUMBER OF COPIES: We routinely provide two copies of the appraisal report. If you need additional, please denote that on the request form or advise us in person or by telephone.

TENANT AND ACCESS: If you are not the occupant of the property, please advise as to who we should contact to get access to the property.

FARM SERVICE AGENCY RELEASE: I feel it is necessary to obtain current program information in regard to a farm from the Farm Service Agency. Some government offices will accept the paragraph on the bottom of the form with a signature. However, other offices will require that you sign and date their “Release Form”. This release form can be downloaded from the section above. The grantor of the information would need to be on record in their office as an owner or operator of the farm.

REPORT: It is my understanding that the report will contain complete information about this real estate and sales of comparable properties. The report will give special attention to the purpose for which the appraisal is requested and the current condition of the property.

COST: For this service I agree to pay AG One Appraisal Service; $400 per day for the time absorbed in inspecting the property, compiling the information and preparing the report. An additional amount will be charged for mileage, meals, lodging and other expenses incurred in completing the appraisal. If additional time is spent in supporting the appraisal through court testimony or depositions a charge of $60 per hour will be incurred for preparation time as well as the actual testimony.


I request an appraisal of the real estate described below:

Legal Description
In the County of: 
State of: 
Approximately total acres: 
Effective Date of Appraisal: 

I understand that I will receive two copies of each report at the cost indicated above. I agree to pay a nominal cost for labor and material to reproduce additional copies.

I request additional copy of the appraisal report.

Phone Number: 
You are authorized to secure agricultural information and aerial photos pertaining to the property from the County office of the Farm Service Agency.



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